Electrosmog 5G 4G Wifi Bluetooth effects on health and other factors

Here is my observation: Parasympathic and Sympathic nervous system is represented by Ida Pingala nadi respectively. If you have both in balance your body is healthy. does it get out of balance you die. This is a basic fact every yogi knows.

Disease: Dis-Ease a divergence of relaxation vs inflammation processes

Now what drives pingala:

scientific studies show electrosmog such as 5G drive pingala up

(use autotranslate subtitles to understand)

What drives pingala up

  1. Emotions such as anger, hate, resentment and so on
  2. eating foods
  3. fear
  4. 5G 4G bluetooth wifi
  5. talking a lot
  6. talking with other people
  7. certain languages are harsher to pingala
  8. sexuality
  9. high desires
  10. stress (work, relationship, people, situations etc)
  11. toxic people around you


  1. deep meditation
  2. fasting with haritaki
  3. no talking
  4. nature
  5. no noise
  6. no people
  7. soft foods that dont require much energy to process
  8. deep sleep
  9. no or low desires
  10. slow loving sex

divergence of ida pingala in disease progression






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