Women come to me with a wide variety of wishes:

  • They want to experience different types of orgasms (energy orgasm, g-spot orgasm, squirting, clitoral orgasm, etc.). Some women have had their first orgasms with me, even if they were in their 40s.
  • You want to heal trauma and blockages, both in the intimate area and in the whole body.
  • You want to experience extremely hot sessions: multiple orgasms, multiple vibrators (e.g. 2-4 at the same time in different places), bondage and fantasy games.
  • you want to encourage your spiritual growth. Some women report being able to see chakras or have developed telepathy after my sessions.
    You want to feel joy in life again.
  • You want to be more aware of your body.
  • You want to experience extreme deep relaxation. Some women tell me they’ve never been so deeply relaxed.

Some women tell me I’m the best “pussy licker” they’ve ever had and ask me where I learned that. However, this is only reserved for women, where there is simply a spark between the two of us.
I’ve had some spiritual, sexual, and orgasmic experiences with 2 women at the same time in my sessions. Among them were girlfriends, sisters, lesbian couples, mother-daughter couples and also women who met for the first time through me.
Everything is possible, I work highly intuitively and give the woman exactly what she needs at the moment. For one woman it’s a need to be held, for another it’s the most intense sexual or spiritual experience she’s ever had.
I am one of the best tantric yoni erotic masseurs for women in the world. With over 1000 massages with women, often with 2 women at the same time in spiritual intimate sessions, I have gained more experience than almost anyone else.

Important: for legal reasons, my massage is absolutely free. But that does not mean that it is not made with the highest intention. When I travel from country to country, I can’t and don’t want to deal with legal issues of how and where I can or can’t do something.

I am extremely sensitive and can feel chakras and nadis (energy channels) and release their blockages.

I offer Yoni Tantra Erotic Massage for women and spiritual sessions and spiritual healing and yoga, nonduality teachings and tantra workshops and tantra yoni retreats for women worldwide.

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