About Yoniji

I have done over 1000 Sessions with women. Sometimes also with 2 women at the same time (yes you can get a sessions with a female friend, lesbian partners, sister etc.)

As a master of the sensual art of Tantra, I have devoted myself to the pursuit of pleasure, having done over a thousand sessions with women from every corner of the globe, often with two women at the same time. I am fluent in six languages, so as to better serve and understand the desires of my clients. My spiritual awakening has gifted me with the ability to unlock and release energy blockages and traumas, leading to truly transformative experiences that leave my clients feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. Allow me to take you on a journey of sensual discovery and pleasure.

Telegram: tantrayoni

Instagram: guruyoni


Tantra, the art of loving, where the touch of a skilled therapist is like a symphony for the senses, igniting the flames of passion within

Yoni massage, a journey of sensual exploration, where every touch is a love letter written on the skin